Campaign for Real Pet Food

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Campaign for Real Pet Food
Campaign for Real Pet Food

Our mission is to promote honesty, openness and quality in the pet food industry for the benefit of pets and their owners.

Specifically, we aim to:

• Educate pet owners about what really goes into pet food

• Encourage pet food companies to be honest about their ingredients

• Promote foods that use good quality ingredients

• Campaign for change in pet food labelling to remove terms such as 'meat and animal derivatives' and 'EC permitted additives'

In order to achieve these aims, we are setting out a publicity campaign to raise awareness of the issues, educate pet owners and apply pressure to governing bodies such as the Pet Food Manufacturers Association and Trading Standards.

We are also encouraging pet food companies who support the campaign to display Campaign for Real Pet Food stickers on their products, so it's easy to identify real food when making a choice in store.

We hope to achieve real change, improving the quality of pet foods and the ability of pet owners to make informed choices about what they feed their pets.


Inga MacKellar

Inga Mackellar

Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist

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Liz Nuttall and John Rice

Liz Nuttall and John Rice

Organic pet food producers

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Helen Booth

Helen Booth

Natural probiotic treat producer

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